Day of Surgery

What to bring on the day of surgery

  • Photo I.D. card (driver's license, state photo I.D. or passport)
  • Insurance card or workers' compensation information
  • Prescription drug card, if different from the medical insurance card
  • AICD/pacemaker I.D. card (make copy if possible), if applicable
  • Social Security number
  • Emergency contact information (name and phone numbers)
  • Responsible adult escort information (name and telephone numbers)
  • Copy of advanced directive (durable power of attorney for healthcare, living will for healthcare or written individual healthcare instruction)
  • Containers for eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids and dentures
  • Medications that you were instructed by your physician to bring to the hospital (containers must have appropriate labels from the pharmacy)
  • Special supplies or equipment as instructed, such as cane, walker or wheelchair
  • Items that you will need for recovery or discharge, such as a robe or slippers; keep your belongings in your car or have them brought in by your family member after you have a room assigned after your surgery (inpatient)


Do NOT Bring the Following Items on the Day of Surgery

  • Checks, cash or credit cards unless copayments have to be made upon admission based on insurance carrier requirement. Leave your money or credit cards with your family after payment has been made.
  • Sleep apnea machines (may bring own mask if unable to use other masks).
  • Valuables and jewelry, hair clips, pins or hair spray.
  • Wigs and hairpieces may be removed and replaced by a head cover.
  • Prescriptions, herbal supplements and over-the-counter medicines, unless ordered by your doctor.
  • Keep in mind that visitors must be 18 years or older.